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Sister’s Share, right?

I was out drinking with my friends when Mike called and asked what I was up to.

Mike was this super hot pharmacist that I had been dating after Dusty. I actually had a ton of fun with him, he was tall, super handsome, smart, and we had a lot of chemistry together. We’d go rock climbing and hiking together. But then I left for my big Europe trip and met Davide.

When Mike found out, he started dating my little sister. It was weird… but I tried not to overthink it. I was mostly worried he’d hurt her. Which I tried to talk to her about, but she made it clear it was none of my business… and things with Mike had been on ice ever since.

So it was weird that he called. I told him I was out catching up with a few friends and he asked if he could join. I told him Sure and told him where we were. 

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect… but I figured maybe things were starting to heat up with my little sister and he wanted to clear the air, make sure he had my blessing or some shit.

By the time he showed up, we were all a few drinks in. I gave him a hug and then went with him to the bar to grab more drinks for our table. 

At the bar he moved close, put his hand on my hip and said “You look really good, Mon.”

I was several shots in and my brain was foggy. He smelled good. Damn.  I needed to play this off, “Thanks! The gym has been paying off a lot lately. I’m gonna kick your ass in Rock Climbing next time.” 

He flashed me his big flirty smile. The one that meant he was thinking of me without clothes, “I can only imagine.” he pulled me closer.

Red alarms went off in my head. “Woooooah dude. What are you doing? You’re dating my sister.” I still felt foggy, but no way in hell would I ever do that to any of my friends let alone my sister. What the hell is he thinking?

The flirty look disappeared and his eyes moved from my body to across the room. “Yeah, we’re not dating anymore.”

“WHAT? What happened???” I asked softly punching his arm. 

His eyes finally met mine again, and we just stood there for a second not saying anything. “Welllll? I’m going to find out anyways, so you better tell me now. Out with it!” 

He took a deep breath “You’re not engaged anymore.”

I was totally confused. Maybe I did drink too much. What did my engagement have to do with that???

And then he said it. “I can’t stop thinking about you Monica. Your sister is great, but she’s not you. At first I thought it’d be enough, but it’s not.”

I was furious. He broke up with my sister for me? What the hell was he thinking??? I stormed off without saying a word. I went outside. He followed. He reached for my hip again and I shoved his arm away “Don’t touch me.”

I told him he was a dick. I told him I couldn’t believe he’d 1) date my sister to try and get over me 2) have the nerve to breakup with her and think I’d get back with him. IDIOT! 

He tried to convince me how much sense we made. We had so much chemistry and ya know… we did make sense at one point but the second he went for my sister, he became off limits. We were never ever ever going to happen.

I made myself as clear as possible and he left. I called my sister several times- each time she sent me to voicemail. She’s pissed and I’m too drunk to drive. Fuck fuck fuck. I went back inside and told my guy friends everything and ordered an Uber to my sister’s house.

When I showed up, my cousin let me in. She hugged me and then said “Yeaahhh I’m going to go on a long walk.” and left. She knew shit was about to go down. My sister was a wreck. She was pissed. Angry at Mike. Angry at me. Apparently he broke it off with her an hour before he called me to meet up. I didn’t tell her that he came to see me. What a dick. 

Things with my sister have been so weird. I love her to pieces, but ever since she went after Mike I feel like everything is a competition with her. That to her… Mike wanting her was her winning. But winning what?? It wasn’t even that she liked him a lot, it was that he ended it with her over me. 

She yelled, even though it wasn’t my fault and I tried to warn her. Finally, seeing that she wasn’t going to calm down… I decided to leave.

It’s frustrating because of course this would happen… Davide and I decide to take a break. I’m horny as hell and the guy that I had insane chemistry with comes back… but he’s off limits.

It’s not like turning down Mike, is exactly a walk in the park. He’s incredibly attractive. Tall, gorgeous, smart, and we have insane chemistry. But he went for my sister and broke her heart. I would never do that to my sister. So of course I do the right thing and STILL get yelled at.

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Living in Newport Beach and Kauai. Survivor of crippling Anxiety and Depression. When I'm not cuddling my adorable dachshund puppy, surfing, or reading, you'll find me on here writing about my love life, loss, and everything in between.

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