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San Sebastián & Hawaii

We’re sitting at the top of the hill that we hiked which overlooks all of San Sebastián and we’re sharing a bottle of wine while watching the sunset. Davide pulls me into his lap and I wrap my arms around his neck. We press our foreheads together and he whispers “Forever.” I smile at him.

Inside my heart feels conflicted. Every guy I have ever been with has said that word to me. “Forever.” They promise to never give up. They promise me the moon. And then…. they break every single one of those promises. So I can help but feel conflicted about that word.

But Davide… he has to be different from every single one of those guys, right? He chased me across the world. He chooses me every single day. When I was at my worst, he held my hand and didn’t let go. He has made me the number one priority in his life in every single way. That has to count for something. Or well… everything.

He kisses me deeply and sweetly then says “I can’t wait till you marry me.”

“You sure about that? Once you say those vows you won’t be able to get rid of me.” I reply smirking at him

“Good. That’s exactly what I want.” he retorts

I laugh. “You’re just saying that because I’m an incredible cook.” I tell him poking his stomach.

“That and you’re even better in bed” he replies grinning while grabbing my ass.

I smirk back. “Really? I think some of my best work has happened outside of the bed.” I say as I start to grind into him and he groans in approval.

“I have to say, I agree. It’s really just a blur of incredibleness.” He says as he kisses my neck

We kiss and I can’t help but pinch myself that we are at the top of one of my favorite cities together. I’m on the other side of the world from home, but yet my heart feels at home wherever I am with him.

I kiss him and that ends up leading to so much more. The mountain top is deserted and we take full advantage of it. When we’re finally both exhausted we head back down the moutain. Grinning and completely flushed.

We end up meeting a few old friends of mine at a club, where there is some Bachata dancing. Davide is so sexy and I loooove dancing with him. We dance the night away then eventually walk over to one of my favorite restaurants in the city where we devore some bombass steak.

Finally we head back over to our hotel. As we walk down the boardwalk and Davide has me jump on his back and he spins me around while I laugh. We stop at the swing sets and he pushes me back and forth while chatting about our night. Davide smiles at me and says “I see why you love this city so much.” I smile back “It’s incredible, right? We should come back again some day. I can never get enough of it.” When we make it back to our hotel it’s super late, but I sit on the balcony listening to the waves crash up against the shore.

Next up: Hawaii

My phone rings, it’s my sister. I’ve been so crazy busy I’ve barely looked at my phone for a solid week and with the time difference we’re constantly missing each other. She catches me up on all of the progress she’s made on her big move. She’s been wanting to officially move out of California for awhile now, and we both already spend a ton of time in Hawaii. She was just undecided between spending the next few months on either Oahu or Maui until one of our cousins offered her one of his vacation rentals on Maui. Now that all the details were settled, her move was happening super quickly.

“When are you coming to visit me?” she asks.

I shrug. “I don’t know. We haven’t booked our return flight yet. Maybe in July for a few days?” I say looking over at Davide as he walks in the room and waves at her. My sister shouts “Davide! Make my sister come stay with me!”

Davide smiles and explains that we’ve already rented out our house for most of July and August. I have big plans for August, since we’re going to Iceland for my birthday. For July we had been thinking about staying in Positano or this remote work house that I’ve had my eyes on for awhile now. Davide suggests that we could spend all of July staying with my sister on Maui. He knows how important our relationship is and also heading there makes sense since she’d be lonely. Not to mention even offering the suggestion gives him major brownie points with my sister. My sister immediately agrees and tells us to make it out before July 4th, she doesn’t want to spend it alone. Then just like that… it’s settled.

After we hang up I go back out to the balcony, just processing until Davide comes and throws me over his shoulder and takes me to go take our shower. “It’s okay. I’ll get to spend a month with my sister.” I tell myself and push it all out of my head. I’ll deal with it when it comes.

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Living in Newport Beach and Kauai. When I'm not cuddling my adorable dachshund puppy, surfing, or reading, you'll find me on here writing about my love life, loss, and everything in between.

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