The perfect day in Capri

I didn’t really get much a chance to write while I was in Italy with Davide. But this one day keeps replaying over and over in my head and I need to get it all out.

I woke up early and opened my eyes to see Davide smiling at me.
“Ciao, bello! How long have you been awake?” I asked sleepily
“Not long. Just long enough to remind me that I’m a lucky bastard.” he said running his fingers through my hair gently.
I smiled and stretched, feeling his warm body against mine.

We laid in bed as he played with my long brown hair.
“It amazes me that you never bother to put on makeup.” he said
I was slightly taken aback by his remark, not sure what he meant.
“I do sometimes especially if I want to dress up. But usually, no. I don’t think I need it. Why?”
He smiled down at me, “I love that you don’t wear any. You skin is so nice and soft… you don’t have any acne.” he said gently stroking my face. “Don’t most girls have acne?” He asked, curious.
“I don’t know, I guess so. Just not something I’ve ever really had to deal with.”
“You’re just so naturally beautiful. Most girls in the morning don’t look their best, they have circles under their eyes or makeup everywhere. But not you… you look just as gorgeous. Italian men are so picky with our women. What they look like, everything. Everything about you is so perfect. I can never find anything wrong with you. You’re an angel.”
“Keeping me around for my looks are you?” I said poking him.
“And your incredible body.” he said running his hand across my curvy hips as he started kissing my neck.

“Mmm. I don’t need my body to please you.” I replied.
“What do you mean?” he asked curiously
“I could get your so wound up, I could turn you on so much, that all I’d have to do is touch you with one finger to make you come.”
“Fuck!” He breathed, his eyes wide.
“I’ll prove it. Close your eyes.”I breathed.
He gave me one, long, hot, lingering look and then did as I asked.
Then I did exactly what I said I would do, I told him things that got him so wound up that he lost it the second I touched him.

“Fuck, Monica! “How… how…”
“Look who’s speechless now.” I said smugly.
“I can’t get over that. I mean, you barely touched me. It was just… so fucking hot.”
I grinned. “Ah, the power of words.” I replied.
He rolled on top of me, crushing me and kissing me deeply.

“Now you have something to think about when we’re apart.” I said with a devilish grin.

“Fuck, Monica! You are so fucking amazing. Did I ever tell you that?” he said
“You may have mentioned it once or twice, but feel free to repeat yourself.” I said laughing while I put on my robe and wandered over to the balcony off our room, which overlooked all of Positano.

A day of surprises

I watched the crystal blue sea sparking and the city starting to slow come alive with activity.

I heard Davide’s soft footsteps and he came up behind me, kissing my shoulder and neck. his fingers wrapping around my hips.
“I have a surprise for you today.” he whispers into my ear as he pressed into me from behind.
“Oh, do you?” I said grinding back into him.
He chuckled “Haha not that. You should pack a bag we’re going to Capri for the night.”
I turn around and grin from ear to ear “Capri?!?” I ask excitedly.
He laughs at my reaction, “Yes, beautiful. As soon as you’re ready we can leave.”
“I’m ready!” I exclaim as I start to run into the other room to pack a bag. When I reach the door, I think better of it, turn around and run back. Jumping on him and wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him deeply. “Thank you babe! I’m so excited. You know how much I love Capri!”
“Yes, I do. It’s our place.” he said laughing at my excitement. We end up getting lost in a kiss, but Davide eventually lets me go while I excitedly start to pack my bag.

Davide and I both do really well in packing lightly, it’s one of the things we both have in common. We travel well and don’t need much. Davide looks at the few things I packed and shook his head, he goes back to my suitcase and grabs out his favorite lingerie that I own and adds that to my bag while I chuckle at him. Usually we can pack both of our belongings into one tote bag, but Davide insisted that we both bring our own bags this time. I shrug, but I have a nagging feeling he’s got something up his sleeve. I suppose I’ll find out later.

I remember the last time we had gone to Capri Island. It was literally less than 24hrs after we had met. I thought at this point Davide was just this fling and as I walked onto his boat, I remember thinking “This is either going to be the worst idea ever or the best… but what the hell?” Well, it ended up being the best idea ever because we had one of the best days ever just hanging out with each other. So much so, I eventually agreed to let him join the rest of my trip.

We take our usual long leisurely morning shower together. Davide lathered up the soap, and carefully washed every inch of my skin, stopping only to kiss me softly. His favorite is always my hair. He loves washing and brushing my long brown hair. Which I think is the sweetest thing. After breakfast, we walked to where his boat was docked.

As we set off, he let me steer the boat for a little bit as he kissed and nibbled on my neck. He couldn’t keep his hands off of me and I was enjoying every minute of it. Then he let me blast my music on his stereo, which means a lot of singing and dancing from me. At one point, Davide kills the engine and pulls me into his arms for a spontaneous slow dance, here on his boat in the middle of the ocean. I laugh as he spins and dips me. We both can’t stop laughing and smiling.

Since we got such an early start, we had time to kill so he drove us around Capri island first and let me jump off the boat into the crystal blue ocean. We swam and then laid out to dry off in the warm sun.

Eventually, we dock and grab some lunch. Davide ran to the restroom and when he returns he finds me surrounded by three waiters all talking to me about Capri Island. They were majorly flirting and trying to convince me to run away with them even though I told them I was engaged (Italian men are very flirtatious and forward). Davide glared at them and they slowly left us alone after that. After we finished our food, I noticed he was still being moody especially when he’d see the waiters staring over at me. I poked him “Stop being grumpy. Isn’t it a beautiful day?” I said. He nodded, “I’m not really jealous, you’re so beautiful I can’t blame them. I feel really lucky to have you. I just don’t like it when it happens right in front of me.” he said.

I nodded, but I knew exactly what to do to get his mind off of it. I pulled his head down towards me and kissed him hard. I also might have rubbed my hand over the front of his shorts, causing him to take a sharp intake of breath.
“Fuck, Monica,” he whispered. “Let’s go now.” He demanded as he raised his hand to call for the check.

Then we immediately left to go check into our gorgeous hotel. Sometime later, after we completely wore each other out we laid in each other’s arms, peaceful and blissfully sated.

“You jump, I jump Jack”

It was the late afternoon and Davide wanted to go for a walk, but inisited that I bring my bathing suit and leave my phone at the hotel.

We walk down the road for awhile. Just laughing and joking. Then he takes me down these long stairs and was like, okay we’re going to jump into the ocean now. Leave your clothes here.

It was a good 30ft drop. I stripped off my clothes and nod at him. “You jump, I jump Jack.” I said. “Who the fuck is Jack?” he asked his eyes darkening. “It’s a movie quote, weirdo.” I said laughing back.

We both dove into the sea and the water felt incredible. Davide had me follow him and together we swam up the coast a bit. We swam right up to this small cave opening.

Which I finally started to recognize.
“Holy shit, are we at Blue Grotto?” I asked
He grinned back “Yup!”
“But where are all the boats?” I said looking around for the line of the boats and for the place where we have to pay the enter on a boat.
“Gone for the day. Come on!” he said and grabbed my hand. Together we swam into the small opening.

It took a minute for my eyes to adjust, but when they did the famous bright blue waters sparkled around us and it was clear we had the whole cave to ourselves.

“Ohhhh my godddd… you’re the best!!!” I said as I swam over to him tackling him with a sweet kiss. Blue Grotto was one of my favorite places in the world, and that was when we were in a crowded little boat surrounded by hundreds of tourists after paying 20 euros just to enter.

But now I’m here floating in it’s deep waters just Davide and I. This was incredible. A dream come true. We were swimming in one of my favorite places in the world. We both lost track of time…. just floating around and then exploring the deep cave.

It was so incredibly beautiful that I almost cried I was so happy.


Eventually it was time to leave and we swam back up the coast to a set of stairs and we climb the stairs until we get back out to the road where we find our clothes. We head back to the hotel and take another shower together.

“So I have another surprise tonight.” Davide said as he pulled out this gorgeous fancy dress for me.
“Would you wear this tonight babe?” he asked
“Of course!” I said as I grin back, “but I didn’t bring shoes for that.”
Davide pulled out matching shoes in my size.
I raise an eyebrow, “Wow… you thought of everything.” I said.
He smiles at me, pulls me in to kiss me deeply and says “I want tonight to be special. Get ready and meet me downstairs.”
“You’re not going to wait for me?” I asked
“Nope. I want to see you coming down that staircase, and have all the other bastards wanting you, but knowing I’ll be the one taking you to bed later.” He saw the expression on my face.
“Humor me: it’s a guy thing.” he finished
I shook my head and shrugged.
I went to the bathroom to do my makeup Some mascara, eyeliner, and a touch of eye shadow and when I came out… he was gone.

So I put on the lingerie he loves so much and then slipped into the beautiful dress he bought me. I dried my hair and then pined a portion of my hair to the side, to expose my neck, since he’s obsessed with my neck. Then I gave myself a good once over in the mirror. I looked incredible. This dress hugged every curve I have and I looked like a million bucks.

I made my way to the big staircase. I stood at the top looking around for him, and finally found him across the lobby. The second he saw me, his jaw dropped and his hand went to his heart. I flashed him my biggest smile as I made my way down the steps.

Davide met me at the base of the stairs his eyes sparkling with emotion, “You look so beautiful, Monica.” he said as he pulled me in for a kiss
“Thank you, you clean up well yourself.” I said as I slipped my arm into his and let him lead me to the restaurant.
He seemed to be glowing with happiness. He led me to our table, which was in a little alcove. As he carefully pulled out my chair for me he whispered into my ear “I can’t wait to get you out of that dress” then he sat across the table from me and smiled smugly. I rolled my eyes, pretending to be annoyed.
“Every man in this room wants you, Monica. I’m so fucking proud that you’re mine. I can’t stop smiling.”
I laughed, “I think you’re a bit biased.”

“Do you remember the night of our first date, when I picked you up at your hotel and you came down the staircase in that blue dress?”
I nodded.
“My heart stopped when I saw you. I had a hard time breathing and I knew in that instant one day I was going to ask you to marry me. No one had ever made me feel that way. That intensely. That nervous. Then at dinner you were so funny and kind and smart and driven. I knew there was never going to be anyone else like you, and I wanted you to be mine forever. You are my everything baby. You are my life.”

His eyes were full of so much emotion. The way he looked at me took my breath away. Desire, need, love and lust: the emotions chased each other across his beautiful face.

“Here’s to us, Monica,” he said, softly and seriously. Raising his glass of champagne. “Today, tomorrow, forever. Promise?”
“Forever.” I chimed as we clinked our glasses.
Davide grinned at me as if nothing could ever dim his happiness.

That’s when it hit me, that Davide had told me over and over again that he loved me- that he’d always love me. Despite everything that had been thrown in our path- timing, distance, visas, my own stupidity – we were in love. The timing of it all didn’t seem to matter anymore: I’d accepted that this was real and it wasn’t going to go away- that Davide wasn’t going to away. I accepted that life was going to continue to throw new hurdles in our path- and I didn’t give a damn. We’d get through it together, he was my family now.

It was something of a revelation: it didn’t matter what I wore, how much sleep I had or not had, what bad things happened to me in the past, he always looked at me as if his world began and ended with me. How could I not be affected by that? By the certainty of his love? He was the kindest and most romantic guy in the world… and I’m lucky enough to call him my fiancé. I smiled at him and tried desperately to not get emotional, thinking about how soon I’d have to head back home to the states and we’d be separated. Again.

He read the emotion in my eyes and leaned across the table to kiss me. I smiled softly back. “Can you just be my wife already?” he asked.
I chucked softly.
“I’m serious.” he replied, “I’m so tired of being separated from you.”
I nodded, “I know you’re serious. It’s just… you haven’t even known me a year.” I stated.
His eyes darkened and he did a heavy sigh, “Is there some rule book somewhere that says ‘Only if you’ve dated a woman after a year will you know that you want to marry her?’ “
“Wellll… no…” I stammered.
“No. There isn’t. Fuck Monica, I knew within the first day that I was going to marry you. I have never felt so intensely for someone, especially so quickly. When you know, you know. I know you’re The One for me and I want you to feel comfortable, but I don’t want to use some random timeframe an an excuse.” I didn’t say it… but he had a point, one that I can’t stop thinking of.

About Monica

Living in Newport Beach and Kauai. When I'm not cuddling my adorable dachshund puppy, surfing, or reading, you'll find me on here writing about my love life, loss, and everything in between.

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  1. ibtisamfatima

    I wish it was not a happy ending but THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL THIS WAY too.♥️♥️


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