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Why you shouldn’t let me fall asleep watching HGTV

Sometimes when I get really frustrated with things outside of my control… I just have to be super productive. I have to move. I just have to set my body in motion…. and usually my mind will follow.

The night before I had fallen asleep watching HGTV, so when I woke up at 5am… I was feeling inspired and decided that we were going to paint an accent wall.

My cousin J owns the vacation rental my sister is staying in. He’s in real estate and we’re partnering on a house in Kauai. He’s a super early riser (like 4am), so I called him.
“Heyyyy… you guys okay with the fire?” he asked
“Yeah… we’re okay. It’s still going, and it’s smokey but we’re safe. So. I have an unrelated question.”
“Okay, Hit me.” he replied
“Okay so if I started painting or re-did the backsplash in the kitchen, would you kill me or sue me?”
He laughed
“Hear me out,” I continued. “The living room is bright but it’s missing something, I think I can add a bit of dimension with a grey accent wall. It’ll be neutral, so it’ll go with everything. And the backsplash in the kitchen is horrible. I’m surprised someone hasn’t stabbed their eyes out after looking at it. I was thinking of doing something similar to the backsplash we’re doing on the Blue House. Just basic white subway tiles with the black grout, and I was going to do an little accent on a 90 degree angle. You’ll love it. You don’t have to pay for anything. We’ll pay for the materials and do the labor.”
“You plan on laying tile?” he asked laughing
“You’re doubting me??? You know who my father is. I grew up laying tile. I can do this shit in my sleep!”
“Yeah, but you’ll need a saw to cut the tile.” he said, sounding hesitant.
“Yeah. I know. I’ve got a plan. One of your neighbors is having some work done at their house, and their contractor is this really nice guy. I’m pretty sure I can bribe him with some of my enchiladas or pay him to let me rent his saw for the day.”
J chuckled, “You sure are something else. A tile laying and enchilada making whirlwind.”
“Yeah yeah.. you love me. So just promise me you won’t sue me if I do it.” I said excitiedly
“Fine, just don’t cut off a finger with the saw.” he replied. “And send pictures.”
“Done!” I replied and with that we hung up.

He’ll never openly admit it, but I knew he trusted my design decisions, since he calls me for help on all of the houses he’s been working on over the past year. I have a knack for construction related stuff and I actually really like it.

My sister was still sleeping, so I ran off to Lowe’s to pick up supplies and paint. Sidebar: I love how just walking into Lowe’s or Home Depot as a female, basically means that every guy assumes you’re lost or something. Nope, homedawg… I know exactly what I’m doing thankyouverymuch. My dad is a contractor, and really the only time I’d get to spend with him growing up was when he took me to work… which meant a lot of Home Depot runs. I’m actually grateful that he made sure I’d always be able to handle myself. I’m not scared of working hard or handling a jack hammer, and I have him to thank for that.

The guy who was helping me insisted on triple checking my math for exactly how many square feet of tile I’d need. When another guy just walked up, and he gave him him tile without even double checking his math. That annoyed me slightly.

My sister rolled out of bed just in time to find me moving all of the furniture by myself. She just stood there in the doorway laughing at me as I dragged the couch to the other side of the room. She’s pretty used to how I suddenly take on huge projects with no warning.

We blasted some music and together we finished taping off the wall and then started adding the first coat of paint. Which of course resulted in a paint fight.

I decided to hold off on the demo of the kitchen backsplash until next week. I decided to try relaxing with a surf session and went to the beach, but the water was so full of ash from the fire, I decided it was probably better to stay in. I ended up just going to the gym instead and then met up with Molly to grab food.

Kill me with words

I met up with Alec to grab some shaved ice and to hangout at his house. Jennica showed up too and we just had a chill night full of board games and playing the guitar.

Next to writing, music is one of my favorite outlets.

Back in the day, Alec was one of the friends that we’d just bring our guitars to the beach and have a jam session over the bon fire.

Last night… I was feeling extra emotional, and whenever I’m like that one of my favorite songs to play/sing is Jasey Rae by All Time Low. Thankfully Alec knew the song too.

It’s so incredible to get lost in the lyrics and emotions of a song. To belt it out with all of your heart and forget that you’re in a room with other people listening to you. When the song was over, I immediately felt shy. Amanda broke the silence with a cheer. Alex grinned at me and said “I forgot you could sing like that. That was really good.” which made me blush harder. But it felt really good to get out of my head and wear my heart on my sleeve for a moment.

Don’t waste your time on me.
I’ve never told a lie
And that makes me a liar
I’ve never made a bet, but we gamble with desire
I’ve never lit a match with intent to start a fire
But recently the flames are getting out of control


Davide gets here todaayyyy and I’m super super excited to see him. It already feels like it’s been too long. I can’t wait for him to meet Jennica and Alec. Or get to show him my favorite beaches. I’m surprising him by taking him straight to the Ritz Carlton on the North Shore, for a relaxing few days together.

My sister isn’t excited about living alone with the fire stuff still going on, so Jennica offered to move in and hangout with her while I’m gone.

It’s going to be an incredible weekend, I can just feel it. I’ve been feeling so much better after getting started

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